Blazing Dawn Software's Family-izerTM Solo

Only one patent at a time, but more data!

While the original Family-izerTM can take a list of patents and provide the family members for each one, Family-izerTM Solo gives you additional data for one patent at a time. That additional data is:

1) a full description of the country code (did you really know that "RS" means Serbia?).

2) the publication date,

3) the application number, and

4) a full description of the Kind Code ("C" in Canada does not stand for Canada. It means an issued patent rather than a published application).

What's New (April 27, 2022)

Family-izer Solo
is now returning both the "full description of the country code" and the "full description of the Kind Code." 

To use, enter a Country Code followed by the patent or publication number (without a space) and then click "Family-ize" or, if your browser supports it, hit the RETURN or ENTER key on your keyboard. For U.S. patents and published applications you can omit the country code. EPO patent and publication numbers require seven digits, so add lead zeros if necessary.


Hint: If you highlight and copy the resulting table, you can paste it into a word processing document or spreadsheet.

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